Top Paying Marketing Careers in 2017

A career in marketing can be a lucrative one both financially and in terms of growth. Most companies are looking for personalities that present and exhibit what the organisation has to offer.

Most marketing graduates are required to mix international exposure, culture, and strategies in order to market the organisation’s products and services locally and also internationally.

Marketing positions are one of the most sought after but are quite difficult to come by. It is indeed a competitive market which offers high benefits and salary package to the most deserving candidates.

By looking at past trends and information, this article compiles a list of the highest paying potential marketing careers in 2017.

Information has been gathered through extensive research and how the marketing job market has evolved over the past years.

Top Paying Marketing Jobs

  1. International Marketing Executive: Many top organizations pay international marketing executives significant salaries to plan and execute international marketing salaries. Different cultures and lifestyles need to be taken into account and thought of before rolling out a marketing campaign. The salary for this career ranges typically from $250K-$290K.
  2. Channel Development Executive: This post is critical as it requires developing and implementing sales strategies. This strategy has the potential to generate high levels of revenue for the firm. This position requires knowledge of sales channels and strategies that combine to make an effective and efficient medium for sales. The salary for this particular position generally ranges from $115K- $270K
  3. Chief Marketing Officer: Usually one of the top jobs in the marketing positions. Candidates for this job should possess an all-round know-how of marketing and the skills and knowledge that come with it. These positon holders should be able to develop, evaluate, and also modify marketing plans and strategies in order for the organization to be successful and competitive. The salary for this job ranges between $120K- $300K.
  4. Marketing Director: Marketing directors are usually responsible for conducting marketing research and then plan and develop a marketing strategy or campaign accordingly. A top notch degree, usually an MBA, is required to fulfill the requirements of this particular position. The salary for this post lies between $90K- $190K.
  5. Communications Director: This marketing position entails the responsibility of ensuring effective communication between employees of the marketing department. Communication is key and can prove to be the difference between success and failure. This position manages both the people and projects of the relevant organisation.

Although these are all executive level position, I believe there are significant growth opportunities for specialist in the field of SEO, data analytics, UX optimisation and growthhacking as we see more and more demand for these specific places.

In conclusion, according to thorough research and evaluation, the above mentioned positions are possibly the best paying jobs in the marketing career in 2017.

These jobs not only have the capability for significant financial rewards but also provide exposure and experience for possible future growth.

These jobs are one of the most sought after and require extraordinary educational backgrounds and in some cases a substantial amount of experience as well.

Marketing posts possess the functions required for organisations to prosper and enhance their image all around the world and hence the importance attached to them.

If you’d like to learn how to start your own career in marketing, then be sure to follow blog for tips and advice for novice marketeers.



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